Cub Scouts

Tiger Adventures

Tigers in the Wild

Learn about the native plants and animals that can be found at our preserves! We’ll take a short hike, practice our observation skills, and identify trees, animals and signs on the trails. (60-90 minutes)

Tiger Tales

Bring American folklore to life! Scouts will not only learn what a folktale is, but they will play a part on one, too. Learn why people have passed on stories for generations and how we still do it today. (60-90 minutes)

Wolf Adventures

Paws on the Path

Together we will prepare for and embark on a nature hike. Through activities and games, scouts will practice orienteering and outdoor preparedness skills. We’ll identify any birds, insects and animals that we see. (60-90 minutes)

Finding Your Way

Scouts will have the opportunity to use a compass to complete a scavenger hunt. Then we’ll hit the trail and make our own map, using land markers we see along the way. (60-90 minutes)

Grow Something

Visit Lake of the Woods’ Discovery Garden and plant a seed that you can take home and care for. We’ll learn about plants that grow in Illinois, and weather permitting, we will plant flower and vegetable seeds in the garden. (60-90 minutes)

Spirit of the Water

Scouts will learn about water pollution and conservation. After visiting a lake or pond in the preserves, scouts will brainstorm how they can keep water clean. (60-90 minutes)

Collections and Hobbies

Everyone collects things that fascinate them. Most kids have already started their own collection, or even continued a collection started by parents or grandparents. In this program, we will show you how to take care of a collection, display it, and demonstrate best practices with our own collection. (60-90 minutes)

Bear Adventures

Beat of the Drum

Native Americans have lived in East Central Illinois for over ten thousand years. We will explore how Native Americans passed on important knowledge and history through stories. Scouts will listen to different stories from the Illiniwek and Potawatomi, look at objects that native peoples used, and learn about what their lives were like. (60-90 minutes)

Fur, Feathers and Ferns

Scouts’ observation skills will be put to the test as we search for signs of wildlife and plant activity using binoculars and magnifying glasses. After the hike, we’ll discuss local species that are extirpated, endangered, or extinct. (60-90 minutes)

A Bear Goes fishing

We will learn about native fish, local fishing laws, and the rules of safe fishing. Rig a pole, practice casting, bait a hook, and wait for a bite! fishing will be catch-and-release only; no fishing licenses are required for children 16 and under. We will provide cane poles. Please provide your own bait. (60-90 minutes)

Webelos Adventures

Webelos Walkabout

Scouts will create their own hiking plan and examine a first aid kit before we explore the preserves. We will learn how to identify poisonous plants and dangerous animals, and what to do if we encounter them on a hike. (60-90 minutes)


Do you know what to do when you’re stranded? Scouts will practice basic survival skills, including how to make fire with flint and steel. Using only natural materials, scouts will team up to build temporary shelters. (60-90 minutes)

Into the Woods

Learn the intricate details of a tree, from root to leaf. Scouts will learn about native and invasive species, and practice identifying trees using a dichotomous key and field guides. (60-90 minutes)

Earth Rocks!

We will examine different rocks, minerals, and fossils to learn about geological processes that occur. Scouts will perform a experiment to learn about erosion! (60-90 minutes)

Into the Wild: Bird Study

Scouts will use a field guide to practice identifying birds. Then, we’ll take a hike to look for native birds in the Mississippi flyway and take notes on any creatures we see. (Requirements 3 and 4) (60-90 minutes)

Into the Wild: Nature’s Balance

Humans have drastically affected the natural landscape. This program allows scouts to learn about the balance of life: food chains, natural resources, endangered species, and more! (Requirement 7) (60-90 minutes)

Into the Wild: Aquatic Ecologist

Scouts will discuss how watersheds and wetlands are related to water quality. We’ll search for aquatic species in wetlands or ponds, and use dip nets to find and identify macro-invertebrates in the water. (Requirement 8) (60-90 minutes)


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