Community Used Bike Sale


All proceeds from the sale go to the continuing development of the Kickapoo Rail Trail. If you have a bike that you no longer want, you can donate it to the sale. You get space in your garage, a tax deductible donation, and the Trail gets the proceeds from the sale. It's a win-win-win.

All bikes must be in safe operating condition to be included in the sale.


If you want to sell your used bike as part of the sale you can consign it and pay a 20% commission if the bike sells. The 20% goes to the trail.

All bikes must be in safe operating condition to be included in the sale.


We will have approximately 150 great used bikes for you to choose from. We will have all categories of bikes in a range of prices. We structure this sale to make it fair for both the buyer and the seller. There will be no wrecks and the prices will be fair. One warning, the sale starts at 10 am and we will sell many of the most desirable bikes by 11 am. So plan to be in line before 10 am for the best choice.

The bike you buy must be in safe operating condition to be in the sale.

Bring in your used bike

We will start accepting your used bikes on April 17, 2019 at Champaign Cycle, 506 S Country Fair Dr, Champaign. We will help you decide on a fair price. Having done this community sale for 10 years, we have a good idea of pricing. Please bring in your bike during business hours.

Champaign Cycle Support of the Kickapoo Rail Trail


After more than 20 years of work, the Kickapoo Rail Trail opened the first

7 miles for riders in 2017. When completed the Trail will run east 24.5 miles from Urbana to Danville, IL, passing through Kickapoo State Park. Champaign Cycle has been working to help make the Trail a reality for much of that time. This is the 11th year we've held the Community Used Bike Sale (CUBS), and we've raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Trail through this and a variety of other events. We have served on the CCDCF Trail Committee, the KRT Fund Raising Committee, and produced a series of events including CUBS, the Ride to the Depot, and the Pie Ride series.

Donate, consign, or buy and join us in helping to complete the Trail.