Become an Animal Advocate

As an animal advocate, not only does your donation provide necessary care for your special sponsored creature but you can also become a “voice” for that species! We challenge you to educate others on the benefits of your species, find ways to help these animals in the wild, and protect the environment for future generations!

Groups and individuals can sponsor any of our animals or birdfeeders for one month, six months, or one year. 

  • $10 per month
  • $55 per 6 months
  • $100 per year

You will receive:

  • a personalized adoption certificate with a picture of your animal
  • a wild animal fact sheet
  • your name and picture posted on your animal’s enclosure
  • the knowledge that you are supporting wildlife conservation
  • a grade-level-appropriate activity sheet
  • a 20% coupon to the Museum of the Grand Prairie store

To sponsor one of our animals, or for more information, call (217) 896-2455 or email

Unfortunately, our reptiles cannot be re-released into the wild. But they do support us in our role as stewards of our natural heritage, teaching a greater appreciation and understanding of wild animals and their dwindling natural habitats.

Give a Green Gift

Animal Advocates sponsorships make great holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or recognition gifts for children, teachers, family, and friends. Sponsorship is a rewarding experience for classrooms, scout, and youth groups.