Honorary & Memorial Tree and Benches

A Living Legacy

Give a tribute to someone special with an honorary or memorial tree. These living legacies give a lifetime of remembrance for you and provide a gift for the whole community. Your gift will be an important part of the natural landscape by adding beauty to the preserve, providing a home for wildlife, and cleaning the air we breathe.

Trees may be given as presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions. Consider dedicating a tree to an office worker, award winner, a beloved pet, or to commemorate a birth.

Your $500 donation covers the cost of the tree and its planting, care for the first five years, and an engraved brass leaf to be placed on one of the District's donor trees at the preserve where the tree is planted. All brass leaves are placed on trees at the District Headquarters Office and the Lake of the Woods Golf Course. There are additional donor trees with brass leaves at Homer Lake and Middle Fork River for trees planted in those preserves.

How the Program Works

To dedicate a tree in the Honorary and Memorial Tree Program simply call the CCFPD Director of Natural Resources at (217) 586-4389 or e-mail your request to mdaab@ccfpd.org. We will work with you on tree placement and choosing the best type of tree for the area.

Requests for spring planting should be made by March 31st, and requests for fall planting should be made by September 30th.

The cost for tree donation is $500 and is subject to change.

When the tree is planted, the donor will receive a letter describing the location of the tree, and an Honorary and Memorial Tree Brass Leaf form. This completed form should be returned to the Forest Preserve District so the information can be used to inscribe a brass leaf to be placed on the donor tree found at each preserve. We ask that payment be sent to us when the Brass Leaf Form is completed and returned to us.

Honorary and memorial trees have a five-year replacement guarantee. If a tree should die within five years of its original planting, a replacement tree will be planted during the next available planting season.

All trees will be planted in one of the five Champaign County Forest Preserve District preserves. You may request a planting at any of the preserves; however, the planting site within the preserve will be determined by the CCFPD staff. Donors will be notified when the tree has been planted.

The donated tree becomes the property and responsibility of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District. It will be maintained, pruned and if necessary, removed by the CCFPD. The CCFPD is not responsible for notifying the donor and/or honoree of the tree's demise.