Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the CCFPD

Protect natural places, support environmental education, preserve and share local history, connect with others, learn.  You can find a worthwhile role in volunteering to help protect Champaign County's natural and cultural resources and to inspire people to care for, enjoy, and explore their natural world! No experience necessary!

Who can volunteer: 

You! The CCFPD is striving to build a volunteer community that is representative of our diverse community. The CCFPD is committed to breaking down barriers in order to provide equal accessibility to everyone in Champaign County regardless of ability, race, gender identity or age.

How to volunteer:

Check our Event Calendar for public volunteer opportunities or apply to become a regular volunteer!  Regular volunteers should plan to serve more than 10 hours a year. 

Service groups and Eagle Scout Projects are welcome and must contact the volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to arrange opportunities. 

Unaccompanied youth volunteers need to be at least 14 years old, or 11 years old to be a Counselor In Training.  We have volunteer events that are suitable for the whole family. We keep a record of service for regular volunteers to help with scholarships, service awards or resumes.

Types of Volunteering Opportunities:

With six forest preserves, a regional rail trail, a museum, a nature center, a golf course and over 45 miles of trails in Champaign County, we generally have a variety of ways volunteers can help. Prospective volunteers do not need specific skills to start volunteering with us.

The CCFPD regularly needs volunteers in support of

Contact the volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to learn more or discuss project ideas.
Office Phone: (217) 586-3360.

How to Become a District Volunteer

FILL OUT a volunteer application.

When your application has been reviewed, the volunteer coordinator will email you to discuss potential volunteer opportunities. Please note in the application if email is not a good method of communication. Please contact the Volunteer Office if you are unable to apply online.

Want More Information?

Contact the Volunteer Office at 217-586-3360 or [email protected]

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Current Volunteers
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